Monday, August 16, 2010

Film Review

Had a nice quiet weekend, didn't do much of anything.  Saturday night the hubbs and I rented some movies, The Crazies and Dark House.  Now, I consider myself a horror movie fanatic, so I had high hopes going into both of these. 
First some background of some of my favorite films, just to get your brains in gear.... 
I grew up on Pet Sematary, Jaws (which I never found scary), It, and the like.  Pet Sematary will forever scare the bejesus of out me, to this day I freak when my husband tries to touch my Achilles tendon....I just got a chill.  But, of late, I have stumbled across some films I truly love.
30 Days of Night is my favorite vampire movie, very gory, not your mushy vamp's of the Twilight Saga here!!  Quarantine may very well be one of the scariest movie's I've ever seen.  After watching it with me, the hubbs looked at me and said "What the f***'s wrong with you?"  Yea, that's a good one if it gets him!!  28 Days Later (followed by 28 Weeks Later) are pretty good zombie movies.  The Orphanage is not what I would call a scary movie, it's more of a suspense.  I grabbed this movie one night with some of my gal pals, not realizing it's in Spanish and you have to read subtitles.  We suffered through it, as it was after midnight and Blockbuster had closed.  I bought the movie the next week, it was that good.  The Strangers.....messed up on a whole nother level.  Two lines from the movie explains it all:  Girl to Stranger - "Why are you doing this?"  Stranger to Girl - "Because you were home."

Ok that all being said, (wake from your nap) 

The Crazies, not to shabby.  I would watch it again...wouldn't buy it, but I'd watch it again.  It didn't take long for the action to get started and the story of how the town became infected is understandable.  (Sometimes I think some story lines are a little far fetched....believe that!)  I covered my eyes a couple times, that's usually a good sign.  And I wouldn't walk into a dark room by myself the rest of the night.  ***yes, I am 29 years old and still scared of the dark.

Next we popped in Dark House.  Here's the bio from the movie jacket:
Traumatized by an terrifying event in her youth, Claire Thompson tries to exorcise her demons by revisiting the old house where a terrible children's massacre took place. Now a haunted house attraction set up by impressario Walston Rey, the former foster home run by the evil Miss Darrode is set to open for the press and Walston recruits Claire and several of her fellow acting class students to perform as part of the show. Unfortunately, a series of horrible murders happen at the haunted house, generating from the malevolent spirit of the departed Miss Darrode. A group of young actors is recruited to work for the "Dark House," a new haunted house attraction built by impresario, Walston Rey. His revolutionary new holographic system projects images of monsters throughout the house in an infinite number of variations.

Walston has deliberately chosen a house which fourteen years before was the scene of a grizzly massacre perpetrated by Ms. Darode. Slowly the group begins to realize that things are not what they appear. The house locks down and the attractions begin to attack the actors with murderous intent as they frantically work to shut down the system and understand what happening. Could it all be just a computer malfunction and an attempt to ruin Walston or has the spirit of Ms. Darode returned to take care of some unfinished business...
Sounds good, I'm game.

Awful, Awful, Awful!!!  I really did have high hopes for this one.  Even the clerk at Blockbuster made the comment that this movie "Is really messed up."  Wrong!  The acting was horrific (and not in a good way) the whole movie was a flop!!!  Don't waste your time or your money on this one.  It wasn't even scary!!!  I actually found myself laughing at some parts.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.......

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