Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Margarita Ball

Last Saturday was the 2010 Dallas Margarita Ball.  I attended with the hubs and friends Sheree and Lindsey.  It was a great time!!  Entirely to much drinking, but a wonderful time!  Here are a few pics.

Pre-party in Lindsey's room

On to the Ball.....

First round of Rita's coming right up.....(they were quite possibly the strongest Margarita's I've ever had)

Lindsey after a few.....

Me, Lindsey and Sheree after a few.....

Let's not forget, after all, this was a children's charity.  Look at all those toys!!!

Congratulations Dallas Margarita Society for another great party and helping thousands of children have a Christmas they wouldn't have had other wise!!

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  1. Looks like fun. Everyone looks so pretty! And those toys......WOWZA that's a pile.