Thursday, September 2, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

So I finally got around to playing with the new cartridge, and here's what I've got so far:

The house involved 22 steps, with anywhere from 2-4 parts to each step!!!   AAARRRRGGG, my nerves were shot once completed!!  Who really needs a paper house anyway???  I will have fun crushing once the season is over.

So slightly disappointed in myself (fold where??  or there??  not where I've already folded it??) and the outcome of the paper house.....I grabbed a little down time at the Wylie Arts & Craft show last weekend (in between selling tons of clothes, jewelry and flops!!!) and wandered over to the other booths to have a look.  I walk into the other room, and the first booth I come upon......HEAVEN!!!  Something wicked this way comes!!  I was in trouble!!!  Halloween and Harvest decorations....oh my!!  Here's a few items I just couldn't leave without, I mean, they needed a good home.

This cute little hanger bouncy thingy has a spring from which it dangles....and yes, I am proud to say, I pull on it at least once a day to put it in motion!!  I am currently grinning.

The hubs will be leaving me in the morning to join my father on a dove murdering spree (lucky devil, though I plan to enjoy my quite time) and for myself I have assigned a new undertaking.  Enter components for stacking/nesting boxes!!!  Drum roll please......

The mission....turn these brown ugly things into something festive and charming.  Who am I kidding??

Well anyway, back to your regularly scheduled program.......

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  1. that house is IMPRESSIVE big time! Love all the other treasures. Enjoy your girl time this weekend :)