Friday, February 18, 2011

Film Review

I've had the pleasure of seeing some great, and not so great, films lately.  Top of my list right now ~ Easy A.  This movie is A~dorable!! 
The humor is WONDERFUL, ok, not Hang Over funny, but some great one liners and scenes are to had be!  I mean how often do you run into a film that utilizes the word besmirched??  I rest my case.
The film is about Olive Penderghast and a rumor about her promiscuity that flys out of control.  Love this scene:
Brandon:  Is there an Olive here?
Rosemary:  There's a whole jar of them in the fridge!
Ah the tears that roll down my face.
Sniff sniff, moving on..............

Stanley Tucci plays Olive's father (same feller that played Julia Childs husband in Julie & Julia).  I have decided, after viewing both these films numerouse times, that I LOVE this guy!  I think I laughed the hardest at him in this film!!

Take the time, see the movie - it's totally worth it.

Next up: Paranormal Activity 2

Yea, it's never good when there's a baby involved.  Any who, much better than the first Para movie, but glad I didn't venture out at midnight and stand in line at the theater for an hour to see it!!  I covered my eyes several times, so it's a good'un.

Next contestant please: Dinner for Schmucks

Funny, but not overly so.  I don't get the kind of humor behing shows/movies such as The Office or Office Space.  Dinner for Schmucks had some funny moments.  I will play dead from time to time now, but I won't be spending the hard earned ben g's on this film.

Well, that's a rap.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program.....

Editor's Note:
To Sheree:
Who doesn't read my blog and truth be told probably isn't exactly sure what a blog even is, to whom unnecessary and useless acknowledgement must be paid.......
I gotta pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine
I gotta love and I know that it's all mine
oh oooh ohhhh oh
I gotta I gotta I gotta I gotta I gotta
I gotta pocket gotta pocket full of sunshine


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